NeverCraps™ is a comprehensive craps simulator for Windows including:

  • Superior interface - easy to understand and use!
  • Highly configurable game elements!
  • Plays easily with mouse and/or keyboard!
  • A comprehensive Help file - a virtual book on craps!
  • Odds allowed up to 9999x!
  • Customizable sound - add your own voice to the game!
  • Unique tools for learning craps!
  • ALL the bets found on most craps tables!
  • Numerous automatic features such as take/lay odds, handle winning and/or losing bets!
  • An exclusive "Auto-Betting" feature - program your own strategy to play automatically!
  • Utilizes random number generators, dice files, or choose your own rolls!
  • Numerous statistics screens!
  • All this and more!
NeverCraps is a highly versatile craps game that's easy enough for novices, yet powerful enough for experts. It's a craps game you can play manually, automatically, or a little of both! NeverCraps' Auto-Betting feature enables you to set up and play craps betting strategies using your own specific criteria, and a Hyper-Drive feature allows you to run hands-free simulations for thousands or millions of rolls! You won't find another craps simulator like it.

NeverCraps is shareware, so trying it is free!

Click here to download NeverCraps 5.0 (approx. 2.3mb)

NeverCraps comes in a self-extracting / self-installing file. You do NOT have to have an unzipping program to run it. After downloading it, simply run it to begin installation (approx. 7.8mb total after extraction).

*** Order Online *** Simply click on one of the buttons below to purchase a NeverCraps registration over a secure server using your credit card or PayPal account. Once your transaction is approved, you'll receive an email message confirming your purchase. If you provide a valid email address on the order form, you should expect to receive your registration information within 24 to 48 hours. If you don't provide a valid email address, you should expect to receive your registration information in 3 to 7 days through the regular mail. Remember, NeverCraps is shareware, so you can play before you pay! It's not necessary to make a purchase just to try the game. Download a trial copy of NeverCraps using the link above, then return here to register when you're convinced that NeverCraps is a game you want to keep!

Note: If you decide to order online using the buttons below, there's no need to send in the order form that you'll find within the NeverCraps software.

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*** Attention WinCraps users ***Are you a registered WinCraps user? If so, NeverCraps can be yours for only $5.95! To be able to take advantage of this offer, we must be able to locate you in our WinCraps registration records. If your address has changed, then after you register for NeverCraps, please send an email to indicating your old address to assist us in locating and verifying your record.

NeverCraps Registration $5.95
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