WinCraps™ History

WinCraps Pro:

Version 2.6k:

  • Added ability to save/open Hot-key files
  • Made minor adjustment to vig rounding

Version 2.6j:

  • Added Shift keys to Hot-keys feature
  • Improved Hotkey button alignment options
  • Reworked renaming of Sessions Log when player is renamed
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.6i:

  • Allowed vigs to be in penny increments when "Allow Penny Payoffs" option selected
  • Added payoff ratio, numerator, and denominator variables to auto-bet

Version 2.6h:

  • Added Sister function to auto-bet
  • Fixed a rounding error in "Allow Penny Payoffs" option

Version 2.6g:

  • Enhanced Insert and Replace functions on dice roll files screen
  • Added Scramble option to dice roll files screen
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.6f:

  • Reworked max odds allowed for checks less than $1
  • Improved infotips

Version 2.6e:

  • Added dice graphics to dice roll files, roll totals, roll pad, & color palette
  • Removed dice roll files basics display and highlight menu
  • Added "bottom-right" to dice roll files auto-scroll options
  • Added option to copy colors from dice roll files, roll totals, roll pad

Version 2.6d:

  • Fixed a bug affecting the recording of checkstacks in the Sessions Log
  • Improved Bet Possibilities screen

Version 2.6c:

  • Added Repeater bets
  • Added autowork on comeout roll to autobet
  • Added symbol to denote buy bets when displayed as numbers
  • Added Ctrl-A to 'select all' on color palette
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.6b:

  • Added Hot-buttons to the Hot-keys feature
  • Added % EV/Roll and % EV/Dec to Bet Possibilities screen
  • Added ability to payoff to the penny regardless of check denominations

Version 2.6a:

  • Expanded ability to set colors on Dice Roll pad, Dice Roll Files, and Roll Totals screens

Version 2.6:

  • Added new statistics screen to display possible bet results of next dice roll
  • Added four new prop bets: Hot Roller and Left/Center/Right Field
  • Reorganized center prop bets into five displays
  • Added ability to display all center prop bets in a separate window
  • Added ability to set background color of players' status boxes
  • Changed "Display as numbers" option to use background color of status boxes
  • Changed statusbox to display minus sign on "lost"
  • Added "extra large" option to players' status box sizes
  • Added font sizing for extra long player names
  • Added ability to display different bets in the table corners
  • Increased ability to set dice roll colors
  • Tied max Fire bet to "Max prop bet payoff"
  • Added fixed-width vs proportional font option to Checkstacks screen
  • Added ability to output checkstack screen data to text file and clipboard
  • Added ability to output checkstack screen data in TSV (tab separated value) format
  • Added option to display Hop bets as dice or alphanumerics
  • Allowed Hop numbers to be referenced in reverse, ie Hop25 vs Hop52
  • Added "String$" function to auto-bet
  • Improved some auto-bet error handling
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.5a:

  • Added ability to save and restore "On top" state of forms
  • Changed Checkstack screen to fixed-width font
  • Improved some auto-bet error handling

Version 2.5:

  • Reworked dice and added option to display dice in moveable, sizeable window
  • Expanded and improved auto-bet keyword "thru" to include bets (eg Lay4 thru Lay6)
  • Fixed a bug in auto-bet command "Buy the Place bet on ..."

Version 2.4d:

  • Added Undo/Redo to Auto-bet screen
  • Added Undo/Redo to Checkstacks screen
  • Added keyword "thru" to auto-bet (eg cs1 thru cs10)
  • Added keyword "bar" to auto-bet
  • Added ability to play pop-up dice roll files

Version 2.4c:

  • Corrected a Buy/Lay vig error affecting multi-player sessions
  • Added payoff ratios to InfoTips
  • Made small change to ShowPath display

Version 2.4b:

  • Corrected Buy vig rounding options (Config screen)

Version 2.4a:

  • Added "Round" function to auto-bet
  • Added "odds allowed factor" to auto-bet
  • Added ability to change rolls per hour in auto-bet
  • Changed comp rate to decimal in auto-bet (eg 15% returns as 0.15)

Version 2.4:

  • Added ability to set interior and exterior felt colors
  • Corrected some minor auto-bet bugs

Version 2.3d:

  • Added ON/OFF/BUY indications for bets displayed as numbers
  • Reworked display of probable % on Roll Freqs screen

Version 2.3c:

  • Reworked Ctrl-A (select all) on Auto-bet screen
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.3b:

  • Allowed multiple instances of Bankroll screen
  • Added ability to choose custom colors on Bankroll screen
  • Added ability to size the plot width on Bankroll screen
  • Added chi-square and pvalue to auto-betting
  • Added player modifier to "Average Bankroll" in auto-betting

Version 2.3a:

  • Added chi-square statistical test to Roll Totals screen
  • Added ability to choose which roll parameters to display on Roll Totals screen

Version 2.3:

  • Allowed multiple instances of most statistics forms
  • Improved font sizing on bet settlement form

Version 2.2d:

  • Added Infotips options
  • Allowed caps in filenames
  • Added ability to minimize Bet Results screen
  • Changed Come & Don't Come expected value display on Bet Results screen
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.2c:

  • Fixed columns on Advantage tab printout

Version 2.2b:

  • Improved number pad support
  • Tied "betting box" size to table size (Key-in bet amounts)

Version 2.2a:

  • Adjusted font size of Auto-bet Steps window
  • Fixed a bug with the auto-bet command "# rolls since last dieX faceX"

Version 2.2:

  • Added ability to size fonts throughout the game
  • Added "Hide next rolls" feature to Dice Roll Files screen

Version 2.1:

  • Added Sharp Shooter and Ride The Line bets
  • Increased roll limit to 2 billion
  • Reworked print routines and added printer selection
  • Moved Events Recorder activation from menu to button
  • Changed Probability tab activate button
  • Changed auto-bet activate button
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.0f:

  • Added additional Hands screen variables to auto-bet
  • Fixed bankroll scale display when initially opening Bankroll screen
  • Fixed some other minor bugs

Version 2.0e:

  • Added ability to size Hot-Keys form

Version 2.0d:

  • Improved scaling for various display resolutions
  • Changed game icon

Version 2.0c:

  • Made dice auto-size in proportion to table size
  • Fixed auto-bet "% of" error from version 2.0b
  • Fixed some other minor bugs

Version 2.0b:

  • Added ability to set additional colors on Dice Roll Files screen, Roll Totals screen, and roll pad
  • Improved some autobet error handling
  • Added path/folder retention to open/save file dialog box
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.0a:

  • Reworked auto-bet string functions.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 2.0:

  • Added ability to size the Roll Totals screen.
  • Added ability to size players' status boxes.
  • Added more flexibility to auto-bet functions such as # of rolls
  • Improved auto-bet string/number auto-conversion.
  • Added "# of rolls since last" to Bet Results screen.
  • Added ability to set primary and secondary form background colors.

Version 1.0h:

  • Added multi-column feature to dice roll files screen.
  • Added ability to keep inactive screens on top of craps table.

Version 1.0g:

  • Added ability to size Sessions Log and Bankroll screens.

Version 1.0f:

  • Added ability to return or confiscate abandoned contract bets.

Version 1.0e:

  • Improved dice and player handling
  • Fixed routine which deconflicted players' names with auto-bet syntax

Version 1.0d:

  • Improved auto-roll / hyperdrive
  • Improved Summary screen
  • Expanded range of bankroll variables to include hands and sessions
  • Added min prop bet to config screen
  • Added "vig" to autobet modifiers, eg. cs1 = Buy4 vig
  • Fixed bug which prevented invoking hot-keys Ctrl C, Ctrl P, & Ctrl Z

Version 1.0c:

  • Added All Small, All Tall, Make All, 4 Rolls No 7, 7 Point 7, and Point 7 bets
  • Added "Beginning Bankroll" to auto-bet variables

Version 1.0b:

  • Improved conversion of classic auto-bet files
  • Added ability to paste text into auto-bet scripts which was copied from various rich-text formats
  • Fixed bug which prevented non-standard denominations from being saved
  • Fixed helpcontext references for F1 key while mousepointer over dice, markerbuck, player status boxes, midway, or prop tab

Version 1.0a:

  • Improved conversion of classic auto-bet files
  • Added shortcut keys Ctrl +, Ctrl -, and Ctrl 0 to resize fonts on Auto-bet, Events Log, and CheckStacks screens
  • Changed the look of a few buttons on the Dice Roll Files screen and added a box to format dice roll output
  • Reworked the EV display on the Bet Results screen

Version 1.0:

  • New table layout which can be sized, moved, and/or rotated and can display partial or full table
  • Added multi-player functionality
  • Statistics now tracked for current hand, last hand, current session, last session, and all sessions
  • Added new "Hands" screen to statistics menu
  • Allows any screen (except configuration) to remain open during play
  • New autobet engine and interface:
      - Uses plain text files
      - Uses simple If/Then logic
      - Allows flexible formatting of simple or complex expressions including nested structures
      - Includes ability to access data from the Bet Results, Hands, Auto-play, and Roll Totals screens
      - Includes ability to manage roll files
      - Added more variables and functions
      - Removed flags (use checkstacks instead)
  • Increased ability to set table colors and textures
  • Added ability to set font size, bold, or italic on Checkstack, Events Log, and Auto-bet screens
  • Removed Auto-roll function from Auto-play screen and incorporated into the Hyper-drive:
      - Additional time delay (if desired) can be added to Hyper-drive's slowest speed
      - Auto-stop (if desired) can be added to Hyper-drive
  • Added Midway and Fire bets
  • Added ability to play random sounds
  • Renamed chip-stacks to checkstacks and games to sessions
  • Removed phantom

WinCraps Classic:

Version 5.1c: Reworked layouts to accomodate different screen fonts. Fixed a number of minor bugs and slightly increased hyperdrive speed.

Version 5.1b: Fixed a bug in the Events Log print routine.

Version 5.1a: Reworked navigation keys on chip-stack form. Added the ability to reference the dice total in action lines for auto-betting code (previously only available in condition lines).

Version 5.1: Added an events log. Thickened printer plot line for bankroll graph. Updated help file.

Version 5.0p: Added a refresh to the bankroll screen after setting a new moving average.

Version 5.0n: Fixed bug which permitted Don't Come and Come bets to be called OFF.

Version 5.0m: Reworked payoffs tab. Reworked auto-adjust bets routine.

Version 5.0k: Improved handling of automatic adjustments for contract bets when using auto-betting.

Version 5.0j: Reworked autobet functions that use the "WHEN" condition simultaneously with "ALL" or "ANY" qualifiers. Reworked autobet flag functions for "WHEN".

Version 5.0i: Added card security code and phone number to the order form. Corrected a logic error that sometimes occurred when using the auto-bet "All flags" statement.

Version 5.0h: Fixed a bug which charged minimum vig even when vig was set to 0%. Fixed spacebar control when using keyboard for selecting chips, dice, and autobet lines. Fixed a bug which prevented RNG #4 from reproducing the same rolls from the same seed. Fixed a bug which prevented copying auto-bets to the clipboard if the clipboard was not empty. Changed the "Roll your own numbers" pad behavior to prevent remaining on top of all windows except the crap table.

Version 5.0g: Fixed a bug which prevented returning from auto-bet subroutines when "Return" was the last statement in the script.

Version 5.0f: Fixed a Dice Roll Files printing error which occurred when "Numbers called" were not included in the printout. Added printer resets to correct printing area and margins that may have been changed by other programs.

Version 5.0e: Fixed some minor graphical and spelling errors. Allowed Alt key use during Hyper-drive. Re-worked the save/reload settings for the dice roll pad.

Version 5.0d: Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a double-Marker to appear on the table. Fixed a bug which caused an error when pressing "Delete" over the dice roll recorder. Fixed a bug which prevented Alt-F4 from closing the Configuration screen. Fixed a bug which caused vig accounting errors when switching between key-in and mouse click modes. Fixed a bug which caused unnecessary error messages to sometimes appear when viewing the Games Log

Version 5.0c: Fixed a bug that prevented accessing statistics screens from the Auto-bet screen when those statistics screens were already open. Reworked the "Hide" feature for Auto-bet messages

Version 5.0b: Re-worked display and scrolling functions for the Dice Roll File screen when left open during game play. Set max and min limits on simulated rolls per hour values.

Version 5.0a: Fixed a bug on the Advantage tab.

Version 5.0: Converted to 32 bit program resulting in significant increase in Hyper-drive speed. Added Games Log w/ histograms, computes mean, median, mode, standard deviation, skew, etc. Added ability to track/record all dice faces & combinations to Roll Freqs screen, Auto-Bet screen, and Dice Roll Files screen. Added Hyper-drive throttle. Added Mersenne Twister as RNGs #1 and #2. Re-worked timer seeds and RNG seed routine. Made a number of screens sizeable. Added separate dice roll window. Re-worked Dice Roll File "Highlight" function. Added "Include Numbers called" to Dice Roll Files output options. Re-formatted Dice Roll File output to text file. Changed Auto-Betting to use currency data type. Added ability to limit max prop bet payoffs. Added ability to set max odds bet. Added ability to select table colors and dice styles. Set max rolls to 100,000,000. Divided ability to display Auto-Bet messages into "normal play" and "hyper-drive"

Version 4.7d: Added "Available bankroll" to auto-betting which looks at bankroll minus total bets.

Version 4.7c: Changed data types in the max odds computation routine to prevent possible overflow errors with very large bets.

Version 4.7b: Added a "GoSub" command to the Auto-betting language. This command directs program flow to a subroutine. The "Return" command is used to direct flow back to the line following the "GoSub". Previously, in a dual role, the "Go to" command performed the "GoSub" function, but now they're separate commands.

Version 4.7a: Changed the Auto-Handle Win and Auto-Handle Lose features so that increases or decreases in bet amounts conform to bias options listed on the Auto-play screen. (Previously, these features always performed with "decreased bias".) Corrected an Auto-betting bug that caused concatenated "Show message" lines to display improper values.

Version 4.7: Added the ability to set chip denominations. Added the ability to set payoffs. Added a feature to calculate expected value & standard deviation based on selected probabilities and payoffs (Advantage tab). Added expected value to Bet Results screen. Added the ability to automatically handle losing bets without using auto-betting. Changed data types to allow fractional values on bets and chip-stacks. Added the ability to enter (paste) dice rolls from text files. Added Auto-bet functions to select & seed RNGs. Added Auto-bet functions that make it possible to output data to files which can then be read into spreadsheets or word processors. Added Auto-bet functions to reset the game table thereby making it possible to automatically run multiple games. Changed the Auto-bet commands (Auto-Take and Auto-Lay full odds) to take and lay odds immediately rather than just toggling on or off for future bets. Added ability to change Chip-Stack names and values directly on the Chip-Stack screen. Consolidated rolls/hr inputs to the Configuration screen. Added a 6th RNG as a combination of two other RNGs. Added the ability to keep open multiple statistics screens. Fixed a number of minor bugs.

Version 4.6: Added the ability to skew the probability of the dice.

Version 4.5: Replaced RNG #4 with a new Random Number Generator.

Version 4.4: Added a 5th Random Number Generator. Allowed Hyper-Drive to display Auto-bet messages and "Get Input" statements.

Version 4.3: Added a new "Comps" feature as a tab on the Configuration screen. Fixed a bug from version 4.2 that affected the ability to parlay/press line bets when a bet was won. Also fixed a bug that affected saving statistics in version 4.2.

Version 4.2: Reformatted the Configuration screen with tabs. Added new bankroll options. Added a mouse-snap option. Added an option for notifying when bets are lost. Added some dice movement options. Added "Simulated Hours" to Auto-Bet options. Added "Bankroll Moving Average" to Auto-Bet options. Added "ATM Withdrawals and Deposits" to Auto-Bet options. Reformatted the Status-bar. Improved scaling for "Large Fonts" video drivers. Added moving average to Bankroll graph. Added bankroll average to Summary screen. Added vig rounding functions. Added ability to change T/F flags from Flag screen.

Version 4.1: Added a Hot-Key feature! Allowed any Chip-Stack to be displayed on the side rail and allowed all Chip-Stacks to be either negative or positive. Fixed some lists on the Auto-Bet screen that weren't resetting properly.

Version 4.0: Added options to choose from 4 different random number generators. Re-worked "Auto-Remove" feature to remove Buy bets as well as Place bets. Corrected a bug introduced in v3.9 that affected calling bets "ON" or "OFF". Added Auto-Handle, Auto-Take, and Auto-Lay to Auto-Bet options.

Version 3.9: Increased bank limit, roll limit, and bet limits to 9,999,999. Stopped auto-resetting table after busting bank. Added Rolls/Hour and Sim Hours Played. Added stats for Last Roll #, Last Roll $, and phantom wagers. Added 26 new bets: Whirl, Over7, Under7, and Hops. Changed the looks and print-outs of several screens. Added the option to print in color or B&W. Added the ability to set Vig %'s and when to charge them. Changed the Auto-Bet file format to allow up to 1500-1800 lines depending on the type of lines. Sped up the Hyper-Drive some more. Changed the "Roll your own numbers" pad to include all number combinations. Added 2 moveable reference lines to Bankroll Graph. Changed Bankroll graph scalability and added more color options.

Version 3.8: Added a section in the help file under Auto-Bets called "Discussion and Examples". Re-worked the response to the F2 key (Roll Dice) while both Auto-Rolling and Auto-Betting are active.

Version 3.7: Sped up the Hyper-Drive. Added Auto-Bet options to name Chip-Stacks, use Chip-Stacks as pointers, and "Return" to "Go to" statements. Allowed main game table to be centered on a maximized form. Changed how default.log files are saved. Allowed triple payoffs on both 2 and 12 in the Field.

Version 3.6: Corrected a bug that sometimes forced Auto-Handle winning bets to always choose "Take bet and winnings".

Version 3.5: Added an ability to edit Dice Roll Files.

Version 3.4: Added more statistics for individual bets. Improved the "Auto-Adjust Bet Amounts" feature and added bias options. Improved and added several new Auto-Bet functions.

Version 3.3: Added "Stationary Dice" option.

Version 3.2: Re-worked the Help File access from certain screens and menus.

Version 3.1: Added access to Statistics screens from Auto-Bet and Bankroll screens. Re-worked some Auto-Betting Bankroll functions.

Version 3.0: New table layout with separated Don't Pass and Don't Come areas (Vegas Style). Consolidated configuration screens and added options including odds allowed up to 999x! Expanded Auto-Betting options with a new format and better editting capability. Added more statistics and a graphic Bankroll display. Added a Hyper-Drive feature.

Version 2.0: Introduced Auto-betting and Auto-rolling.

Version 1.0: April 1995, WinCraps is born!

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