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SudokuFun™ is a comprehensive sudoku game and solver.

With SudokuFun you can:

  • Generate an unlimited number of puzzles.
  • Generate puzzles having your desired level of difficulty.
  • Generate puzzles requiring specific logic techniques to solve.
  • Load, play and/or solve games from newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Choose your own grid design and colors.
  • Solve part or all of any sudoku puzzle in a fraction of a second.
  • Get hints and alerts.
  • Easily enter or remove pencilmarks.
  • View the grid through a number filter.
  • View highlights and connections to learn logic techniques.
  • Reveal individual cells.
  • Print pages of puzzles - make your own book.
  • Access a comprehensive help file.
  • Use unique editing tools - edit many cells at once.
  • Retrace your steps with Undo and Redo capability.
  • Take a snapshot of the grid and snap back to it when you want.
  • Set the minimum and maximum number of given cells.
  • Build your own sudoku puzzles.
  • Track your statistics.
  • Save and re-open game files.
  • All this and more!

  • SudokuFun is a versatile sudoku game and solver that's easy to play with mouse and/or keyboard. Highly configurable game elements allow you to control virtually every aspect of the game. Whether you want to learn or just play sudoku, SudokuFun is the tool that can do it all for you. You won't find another sudoku game like it!

    SudokuFun is shareware, download a free trial version now!

    Click here to download SudokuFun 2.2 (approx. 2.3mb)

    SudokuFun comes in a self-extracting / self-installing file. After downloading it, simply run it to begin installation (approx. 3.6mb total after extraction).

    *** Order Online ***

    Simply click on one of the buttons below to purchase a SudokuFun registration over a secure server using your credit card or PayPal account. Once your transaction is approved, you'll receive an email message confirming your purchase. If you provide a valid email address on the order form, you should expect to receive your registration information within 24 to 48 hours. If you don't provide a valid email address, you should expect to receive your registration information in 3 to 7 days through the regular mail. Remember, SudokuFun is shareware, so you can play before you pay! It's not necessary to make a purchase just to try the game. Download a trial copy of SudokuFun using the link above, then return here to register when you're convinced that SudokuFun is a game you want to keep!

    Note: If you decide to order online using the buttons below, there's no need to send in the order form that you'll find within the SudokuFun software.

    SudokuFun Registration $4.95

    SudokuFun Registration plus CD-Rom $11.90

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